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Top Commercial Cleaning Trends in 2020

Offices, factories, and warehouses are constantly in need of deep and extensive cleaning. That’s why it’s no wonder that commercial cleaning service companies, as compared to residential ones, take up the majority of the market in the United States. 

Commercial cleaning services, also referred to as janitorial services, are clearly in demand today. And by the day, each service is improving. Cleaning companies are getting more and more competitive. As a result, modern cleaning trends are introduced in the scene to produce more unparalleled cleaning services. 


Digital Presence Through Websites And Apps

The commercial cleaning industry is starting to feel the impact of digital technology. A recent survey conducted by research and marketing agency Bright Local revealed that “90% of consumers use the Internet to find a local business”. Cleaning companies today are aware that the future is digital, so they’re starting to cement their digital presence online to attract more clients. Some allot their resources on websites—like K.Payne Contracting company, while others reach on-the-go clients through mobile apps. 


Online Reputation Management

Although word of mouth is still a strong form of advertising, almost every business today rely on online reviews and reputation management to promote their brands and services. A cleaning company’s online reputation plays a significant role in customer acquisition and retention. In relation to the recent Bright Local study we’ve mentioned before, the survey also revealed that 82% of those consumers read online reviews for local businesses.  


Specialty Cleaning Services 

Some commercial cleaning services and packages include floor cleaning, wall and window cleaning, and vacuuming services. But since the demand for professional cleaning services has increased, cleaning companies started offering specialty cleaning services. Commercial cleaning service packages today may include various services. K.Payne Contracting commercial cleaning service package, for one, consists of carpet and upholstery cleaning, post-construction cleaning, property preservation, and office housekeeping. Cleaning companies today accept customizable and flexible packages. Clients just need to ask for a quotation. 


Outsourcing Cleaning Professionals 

Many cleaning companies today outsource their cleaning professionals because it’s more cost-effective. The majority of contractual cleaning professionals have relevant experiences in handling commercial cleaning projects in buildings, schools, healthcare institutions, and more, In a way, they are more manageable.  

For its cost-effectiveness, outsourcing allows companies to focus their resources on equipment, supplies, and other goods. Companies don’t need to shell out money to train employees and manage recruitment. 


Smart Cleaning Equipment And Devices

Smart cleaning machines are getting more attention in the United States. These technologies are revolutionary, and they definitely made things easier for cleaning professionals. Some of the most commonly used smart cleaning machines used by commercial cleaning companies are robot vacuums, smart air systems, garment-sanitizing appliances, dust-removing automated cleaners, and AI-powered window cleaners. Cleaning brands like Avidbots, Intellibot, Neo, and Robovac are the best-sellers in the market. 


The Rise of Green Cleaning

The global community is aware that our environment is changing. Unfortunately, it’s not for the better. Global warming and climate change are possibly approaching, and they cannot be ignored. For this reason, many individual activists and international companies are doing everything in their power to protect the Earth—even in their own small ways, even in their cleaning methods. The growth of environmental awareness inspired many cleaning companies to offer sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning methods. Cleaning products with harmful chemicals are out. 


Cleaning Products That Champion Mental Well-Being

Cleanliness affects employees’ productivity in the office. It’s a proven fact that employees work better if they are in a clean and organized workplace. So, professional cleaning companies started introducing products that champion well-being. Cosmetics and chemical distributors in the United States introduced a handful of revolutionary products to commercial cleaning companies. Fragrance-infused air purifiers and disinfectants with naturally-derived ingredients are part of the trends. 


Secure Cleaning Arrangements 

On top of environmentally-friendly and physically-safe cleaning products, commercial cleaning service companies also deliver secure cleaning arrangements. Most professional cleaners today have backgrounds in cybersecurity, data security, and workplace security. They are tasked to handle confidential information. Companies don’t have to worry about their business operations while the cleaning process is ongoing. 


Advanced Employee Training And Management 

When outsourcing is not an option, professional cleaning companies instead provide advanced training and management to new employees. These training may include lessons in using modern and smart cleaning equipment, understanding cybersecurity and job transparency, and mastering different cleaning methods. Cleaning companies prefer versatile professionals who can offer different services to clients.  


Digital Administrative Services 

Most cleaning companies with full-time and outsourced employees have a comprehensive and meticulous system in handling administrative services like handling payrolls, data entry, and customer service support. A digital administrative, cloud-based software can expedite all these processes. More than that, it can also help cleaning companies save time and money.

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